Monday, May 16, 2011

What Boring Pictures...

In the continuing saga of getting things going on our beach side property to get our retirement home built... we have started the workshop site.  This will be in the grand tradition of putting those shipping containers we seem to gather to good use. We have already been through this once on the lagoon side of the property. See pictures below.  That shop is great, but we did learn that we wanted more work space between the containers... so 16 feet instead of 12. And the new containers are 46 feet instead of 40 and are made of aluminum. Better to withstand the salt air corrosion on the beach side.

Square it up, dig holes, add cement...
The Lagoon Side Shop
Lots of Space
Even "attic" storage
I love acetylene torches!

Before it Got Messy!

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st said...

Well this seems like a bit of a project. I can barely make oatmeal for myself in the morning!