Monday, May 23, 2011

Two Terrier Vineyards and "Attitude."

So Paul and Lisa are here from Sonoma enjoying Placencia. Yesterday they came to The Maine Stay and Kokomo and had the grand tour. See Lisa's blog entry in Left Coast Cowboys. What has kept me coming back (among lots of things) to her blog are the antics and adventures of the two characters that really run Two Terrier Vineyards. Lucy and Oscar definitely know what it takes to make sure the two-legged folks are doing what's needed to keep the vineyard running smoothly and all of them happy. And, as Lisa says, they do it with a great deal of "terrier-tude." Of course, if I had those glorious names, I would have an attitude too! Go check out the scene at Left Coast Cowboys.

Lady Lucy Davinia Doglington-Smyth

Sir Oscar Doglington-Smyth, Baronet

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