Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hummingbird Hospital...

Yesterday, Karen was in our gigantic (well, it is pretty big) living room palapa, and a hummingbird wandered in under the edge of the roof and became confused and trapped in the peaked roof area. It eventually exhausted itself and plopped on a reclining chair to rest! Problem is... it couldn't find its way out. It just kept wanting to fly higher. It became so pooped, that she decided to feed the poor thing to get energy enough for us to let him/her loose. So, in Karen goes to the Hummingbird Hospital (our kitchen) and proceeeds to hand feed it with an eye-dropper. It was just amazing watching the looong tongue dart out hungrily to get sugar water! So, after one attempt at release and another "refueling" it finally had the energy to soar off in the sky!

Little Bit's Dilemma...

While trying to doze off last night, Karen and I began to notice Little Bit (our Belizean Chihuahua mix) acting strangely, and scratching a lot. She was just about getting frantic; couldn't keep still and scratch, scratch, scratch. Finally Karen had a better look and saw a puppy with hives... swollen face and all! Pretty strange (and funny) looking. Don't have a clue what she had an allergic reaction to, but 5 or 6 mg of Benadryl and a little bit of Prednisone (steroid) quieted things down very quickly. About 30 minutes after the Benadryl... you could hear the "contentments" and "thank you Mommies" coming from that little dog! The pics are the "morning after" since I didn't screw my head on to get shots during the acute phase at midnight last night! Notice the "jowls" that are definitely not a normal part of her anatomy!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Whale Shark Season

Guests of The Maine Stay have had wonderful experiences diving and snorkeling in Placencia, but none can surpass the thrill of seeing and being close to a whale shark. These pictures were taken by Bryan White, one of our guests in 2008.

For those folks planning their trip to Placencia, the hub of Whale Shark activity in Belize, here are the time slots associated with the full moon. The Destinations Belize website has wonderful detail.

* 9 MARCH - 20 MARCH
* 7 APRIL - 18 APRIL
* 7 MAY - 18 MAY
* 5 JUNE - 16 JUNE

Friends of Nature in Belize also has more details on whale shark activity.