Sunday, February 28, 2010

Working Boat...

We see lots of working fishing dugouts and converted canoes on our stretch of beach... they make great photos!

We bought some great fresh snapper from the owner!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Grand Slam Belize...

Currents of Belize is a beautifully done documentary about fishing in Belize.  Specifically aimed at fly-fishing folks, and the elusive "grand slam" of permit, bonefish and tarpon. It really captures the spirit of "catch and release" and the work that fishing guides and others are doing to preserve Belize sport fishing.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birds of Placencia!

We get a fair number of requests for information from the "bird watchers." Recently I wrote about some resources available on the birds of Belize. I have just recently been made aware of another source of information specifically about the birds of the Placencia Peninsula... Ron Spilman's fantastic photos.  Here are a couple... of the fifty plus pics he has taken on the Peninsula or in a couple of cases nearby in Monkey River. Couldn't be too hard for the confirmed "birders" to add a lot to their "life list" or whatever it's called... you can tell I'm not exactly an expert!  Don't miss having a look at the rest of the photos.  Thanks Ron.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Barefoot Beach Bar

Check out all the news and information on The Barefoot Beach Bar... which will be reopened in a new location.  Great news for us all!  Congratulations Bryce and Cassie!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Airports of Belize... Placencia

Continuing on the theme of "airports" it's clear to me that most folks have not had the delightful experience of arriving at a destination in a third world country aboard a Cessna Caravan 12 seat plane. Very quickly you realize that you are in the hands of an experienced "bush pilot" and the runway isn't quite as short and narrow as you thought! These pilots are good.

The stories abound. None of the airstrips in Belize (that I know of) are lighted for after dark landings... even PGIA (Philip Goldson International Airport in Belize City)... although I suspect some remote locations have had "after dark landings."

One late afternoon, Karen and I went to our airport just a couple of miles from us (PLZ - Placencia) to pick up our arriving family (my sister and husband) and it became obvious that the last flight of the day was later than usual. Pretty soon we heard the plane... doing a "touch and go" approach. It was darker than usual... and this was confirmed by the airline employees rushing out to light the runway with handheld flashlights... after it had kissed the runway and lifted off to come around again. Although we could see the plane clearly, it was a bit tense as we watched it circle the Peninsula. Coming in for the next try, we watched as the plane made a "picture perfect" landing in the dim twilight... without incident or difficulty.

The picture of the departing plane and sign at the Placencia Airport (PLZ) was taken just a few days ago by Ron Spilman... an extremely talented photographer of Belize and the Placencia Peninsula. Some of his work is on display in this Picasa album. You need to view the photo larger (click it) to read the sign.

A Study In Contrasts...
The amenities are different, but the planes and pilots aren't