Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thoughts and Ideas... Proposal

In 2006, Guy and Timber Washington bought the 4000 square foot house that Karen and I built… the first house in the Community.  At the time, we decided that we would then concentrate on helping buyers get their own Belize home built, and that has been gratifying, with three more homes up and running. (see Kokomo photos)

Since then, we have learned a lot, and are toying with the idea of building another "spec" house. This time we are thinking about a 2000 − 2500 square foot concrete home, with 3 bedrooms (master, guest, office), 2 baths, centered on a courtyard with a small pool. A portion of this design is planned as two story. We expect this home to be priced in the 350K − 450K range. 

What do folks think of this idea? Is this of interest? From the questions and comments we have received in the past several months, we think this might fit the needs and interests of quite a few who are ready and want to make the investment in a home in Belize. Let us know. You might just push us from "toying" to doing. 

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