Saturday, August 2, 2008

Photography in Belize

Well... the joy of being an amateur photographer in Belize is hard to beat. In this age of affordable digital cameras, even a klutz can take decent pictures. I've put together a sampling of My Favorites. Maybe it will inspire just one of you to get that camera out and shoot!


Sandy Azancot said...

I just went thru your photos and totally enjoyed them!! Some are superb--I especially like the rustic ones like the dugout canoes (those are hard to find these days!) and the beach ones (of course). I've passed by ya'lls place many times (our property is up on Maya Beach)and you have done a lot with yours--it's lovely!

Drew Travers said...

Thanks Sandy. Please stop by when you pass this way. Where is your place?

Barnacle said...

great photos!
i would like to add a link to your blog from mine. if you have no problem with that, please contact me.


Sandy A. said...

Hey Drew,
The road on the lagoon side between Singing Sands and Maya Playa, back where L'il BIt has her place. Our lot is one over from Ray Jennings.
We won't be back 'til next year, but will stop by to say hey when we do! Until then, your blog is bookmarked on my computer for easy perusal!

tacogirl said...

Great sampling of your favorite pics.
Really enjoyed that.