Friday, August 5, 2011

Placencia Development Happenings...

We all tend to think of development on the Placencia Peninsula's (what I will call) "hard land." Or the land which existed before anyone thought to do significant dredging and "land building." This aerial photograph and labels of the various projects very usefully shows the lagoon developments that not many of us have known about... or at least paid much attention to...
From Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development website...
Las Brisas
As shown above, Las Brisas is located in the Placencia Lagoon near the southern end of Placencia Village.

Las Brisas is a residential subdivision of either 17 or 19 lots (theEnvironmental Compliance Plan (ECP) for Las Brisas is contradictory on the number of lots) on 3.913 acres of land to be created by dredging and filling. 
The development will also include 2 "small" boating canals on the western side of the property to be created, a boat dock for 5 boats, public open space and possibly a commercial lot.  Water will be obtained from the Placencia Village water supply and garbage will be deposited into the Placencia Village solid waste dump. 

The developer for Las Brisas is Las Brisas Placencia, Limited.  John Stothart signed the Las Brisas ECP as principal of Las Brisas on 1 April 2011.

The Department of the Environment did not require the developer to do an Environmental Impact Assessment for the development.

The Las Brisas ECP includes the following authorizations and obligations:
  • 32,000 cubic yards of fill may be dredged from the Placencia Lagoon.  (Fill material will be used to create land to a height of 2-3 feet above mean sea level.
  • No mangroves may be altered except to construct the boat canal.  Mangroves must also be planted in areas with no trees.  However, the developer is not obligated to use mangroves instead of a constructed seawall.
  • A 30 foot reserve must be created on the western side of the property. 
Placencia Lagoon - Las Brisas
Portion of Placencia Lagoon being
dredged and filled for Las Brisas

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