Friday, August 22, 2008

Zack Is Coming!

Our 4 year old grandson (and his mom and dad) arrive today. His dad, Kevin, is a graphic designer and artist at Bowdoin College in Maine... so naturally enough Zack will have his own digital journal to record his Belize Adventures. The cover design is a gem. This should be a great visit. Marcia (Zack's mom) and Karen will have their hands full with all the paparazzi around!


Barnacle said...

well now this sounds like fun!

debr said...

The cover is amazing. Makes me anxious to see what's coming!

Kevin said...

Zack has been very excited about this trip. We were in the ocean about 10 minutes after we arrived! The cover is actually for his "adventure book" which is a little blank hardcover notebook I got for him just for the trip. He watched Diego religiously and so he is very excited about keeping his book just like Diego does! We will scan it put it on Flickr along with all of the photos (he is quite a photographer for a 4 year old!!)

having a great time, thanks Grammy and Grampy!!

- Kevin, Marcia and Zack the Adventurer!