Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It Mattered To Belize... And For Two Generations They Cared.

The passing of an era... 

This is an extremely well done production that highlights in beautiful and subtle video the many contributions of the British Army helicopters of the 25 Flight Army Air Corps.  
"Thirty-nine years of the British Army's Aviation history has drawn to a close in Belize, with the final flight from a Bell 212 helicopter from 25 Flight Army Air Corps... video commemorating this which was posted on youtube by the air Corp. British Army helicopters have been in the skies over Belize since 1972 - at a time when the sound of a British Puma Helicopter meant security for a nation under sustained territorial threat. The direct military threat has subsided, and the british army itself has entered another area - but no matter what the case, for med-evacs and BDF troop transport they will he missed. We close our news by honouring their contribution tonight." 
From Channel 7

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