Sunday, August 17, 2008

Belize Chocolate!!

For quite a while now, I have been planning to write a piece on my addiction to chocolate and my difficulty in finding sources of the "really good stuff" in Belize. It was meant to be witty, humorous and filled with irony and sarcasm... since one of the best sources of great chocolate is now just a few steps down the road from us! Well, much to my delight (and chagrin) someone beat me to it. Check out this wonderful blog entry about Goss Organic Chocolate.


Sandy A. said...

Great and funny blogpost!

DebR said...

Three times I've been there and have not experienced Goss? I must return!

Holly said...

But wait-- there's still more delicious local chocolate to be found in Belize! Cotton Tree Chocolate launched in May 2008 out of Cotton Tree Lodge in Toledo. They're making small batch milk, dark milk, and dark bars from local beans purchased from the TCGA (Toledo Cacao Grower's Association). A few times a year the lodge offers week-long itineraries where guests learn to produce chocolate, bean-to-bar, and take home what they made. The chocolate company was actually started by two women who attended a Chocolate Week in February 2008.