Monday, July 2, 2012


Orchid at Maya Beach Hotel

Just the other day I noticed this gorgeous orchid at the Maya Beach Hotel. I have heard for many years that Belize has more varieties of orchids than any other country. Not sure of the accuracy of that claim, but there is no doubt that the abundance and variety is very great. 

Those of you wanting to explore Belize and see these, might find this book valuable.

Author: Brendan Sayers and Brett Adams

Paperback - 152 pages
1st Edition - June 2009
ISBN: 978-976-816-132-1
This definitive illustrated guide to the orchids of Belize was published by Cubola for the Belize Botanic Gardens. The garden was established in 1997 and its mission is “to protect the floral biodiversity of Belize and to serve as an information resource for the local and international community, government, industry and the scientific community.”

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