Friday, February 4, 2011

Excellent Wrap Up of Vacation Highlights

Our recent guests, Rick, Karen, Donna, and Larry had a great time and Rick put together a super overview of the highlights of restaurants on the Peninsula and elsewhere, as well as excursions they enjoyed. 
Our restaurant reviews (random order):
1. Quarterdeck - best fish, very nice staff
2. Mangos - great ribs, friendly place
3. Maya Hotel Bistro - best atmosphere, service
4. DeTatch - largest portions, best shrimp, great breakfast
5. Shak - best shakes, nice lunch and breakfast
6. Maya Center (Jag Preserve) - cheapest meal by far. Good food. Recommend their    pineapple juice drink.
7. Wendys - another very good breakfast place
8. Cheers - good place to stop to/from airport
9. Singing Sands - best desserts
10. Barefoot bar - lively, friendly
11. Habaneros - nice atmosphere, but somewhat pricey for their buffet
12. Rumfish - very good fish, fun place
13. Tutti Fruiti - favorite spot of our group
14. Thongs (Hopkins Village) - friendly staff, good ice cream

1. Driving through Seine Bight - enjoyed seeing the kids, dogs, and residents.  They seemed to be always having fun in the streets.  We did 80% of our food shopping at Dave's and the Peninsula.
2. Beach walks - never have seen so few people, so when you do see someone we usually ended up talking to them.  Great beach all the way to Cocoplum.
3. Kayaks - enjoyed the kayaks very much.  Best in the morning as it was calm, but they also handle the waves well in the afternoon.
4. Monkey River - fun adventure, good guides.
5. Bowling - hadn't bowled on 20 years.  We had a lot of fun at Jaguar Lanes.
6. Jaguar Preserve - rough road going in, but very nice trails.  Made for a good day trip.
7. Hopkins Village - another rough road in, but town was interesting.
8. Tarpon Caye Fish Trip - long boat ride (45 min) to caye and the fishing waters.  This was a full day where they cook your catch for lunch.  Didn't catch a lot of fish, but more than enough for lunch.  Also hooked a tarpon, but lost it on 2nd jump.
9. Cocoplum - very nice properties and model home tour.  Not high pressure sales which was nice.  The model home is well worth going through.

Thanks for one of our best vacations ever,

Rick, Karen, Donna, and Larry 

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