Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Adventures of Viki Doolittle and Family!

From the wonderful TravelPod Blog 
of Viki Doolittle...

"As usual David and I rise early, about 5 am. My night has been filled with strange and wild dreams but I awaken refreshed and lazy. While I lounge in bed with the a/c blasting, David wanders down to our dock and begins making friends with every person he encounters on the beach. Random fishermen, our guard, kids walking by and of course dogs. There were only about 4 people but David got to know them all. Almost everyone we encounter is black, with rich very dark skin and speak with a lovely sing song cadence. David has a great way in strange places of using that naivety of his to disarm and information gather. As a result, we find out that: no the water is not supposed to be this murky and will clear soon; that yes there are tons of fish to be had and we will have enough lobster to feed an army delivered by dark tonight; town is just down the street; turn our beer bottles in every time we swap out a case and yes the sand flies were biting. David jumps right into the beautiful ocean and swims as far out as he can and can still stand about with his head one foot above water.
I join him about 7 am and the water is unbelievable. At least 80 degrees, probably warmer, I am ready to turn in my hot tub for a life here. Water is still too murky to see anything but we can feel the long sea grass caressing our legs. The ocean here is very gentle, almost no waves but still gray today due to the storms we encountered on the ride down. Large pelicans and pterodactyl looking sea birds glide across Looking back at the house from the water, it is truly a paradise. The cabana is immaculate, set back about 100 feet from the waters edge. In 
Belize, you cannot own the first 66 feet of beach from waters edge back, so our cabana fence starts exactly 66 feet away. Coconut palms sway gently as their offspring roll back and forth in the short surf. It is so quiet and beautiful, I have found the peace I craved.
When the rest of the family start to get up I throw together a quick breakfast of scrabbled eggs with cheese, fried potatoes with onions and of course the requisite fresh corn tortillas and black beans. Washed down with a Beliken or rum and pineapple, I cannot complain and I won't!"

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