Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Belize Beach Cabanas

I discovered a photo of our original Belize cabanas taken shortly after they were constructed. We tend to forget that landscaping and mother nature are such an important part of the ambiance of the "places" we create in our lives. The photo taken currently, shows, over time, how we have slowly worked toward the right combination of natural beauty, relaxing atmosphere and privacy. The pictures were shot from the road side of the cabanas, looking toward the ocean. It's a startling contrast and humbling reminder of how much some time and "mother nature" contribute to our lives. More photos of the cabana suites are here.

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Carl said...

Hi Drew,
You found my blog at saltydogtales, and we are neighbors! I'm currently living in an apartment in my stepson's house just south of Seine Bight, the big house at the end of the long driveway just south of the Danube restaurant. I work for him at the Century 21 office upstairs from Wendy's. My cell phone is 670-1255, e-mail is now carl@placenciaproperties.com. Get in touch!