Saturday, July 5, 2008

Placencia Peninsula Road

All of us are hoping that getting rid of the pot hole riddled stretch of pavement through Seine Bight Village is just the beginning of things to come for the Peninsula! Here are some pictures and a short video as equipment worked in front of The Maine Stay. It's the "little things" in Belize that matter.

The paving of the Peninsula Road has been on the Belize government's "to do" list of promises for years. It has finally been funded and work is expected to start "soon." We are all just waiting for the that magic appearance of the real equipment and the job to begin!

Without doubt, the paving of the road will transform the Peninsula... for good and probably a little not so good. Placement of "speed bumps" will certainly be a crucial element in keeping traffic under some semblance of control.


Kevin said...

looks like you got the images working. Did you re-up?

That road is going to make such a difference!

Sandy A. said...

Can't believe they finally took up the "Baghdad Airstrip"'s about time!
One day there will be no more red dust all over the trees etc...WOW!