Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flooding in Belize

Placencia Back to Normal...

Many of you have seen news reports of significant flooding in Belize caused by Tropical Storm Arthur. Torrential rains in the mountains in western Belize and Guatemala caused eastward flowing rivers to overflow their banks and create a great deal of misfortune for coastal Belize residents.

Also, a key bridge over the Sitee River along the Southern Highway was washed away. This effectively cut the country in half for about 10 days. The flow of essential supplies was greatly impeded, since most are brought in by truck.

Although it took several days for the water to recede enough to begin getting a temporary crossing in place... the job has been done and supply and other vehicles are crossing routinely. Work will begin now on a new and better replacement bridge. Yay! Fresh fruits and veggies again! And the Placencia Lobsterfest is the weekend of June 27, 28 & 29!!

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Belize Attractions said...

This is the Belize I am familiar with. Lot`s of flood water, bridges going down and everybody pulling together to get things moving.

I visited Belize just after the rainy season, and I have to say, that trip was so exciting! I enjoyed every minute of it, especially our drive to Placencia. When the sun went down, we didn`t know what was road and what was river.