Monday, May 5, 2008

Belize Update

A lot has been going on in Belize and at The Maine Stay and Kokomo, including almost 100% high season occupancy of our newly remodeled Cabanas suites… all to rave reviews from our guests.

Construction has started on another home in the Kokomo community and more than half the lots have been sold to folks who really are seeing the economic expansion of the spectacular Placencia Peninsula. A great website to see and hear the flavor of Placencia is “A Place in Belize”… put together by folks who are building a home on the Peninsula.

As I mentioned last week, the former garden palapa next to “Winnie’s House” (our residence) has gotten a new thatch roof, a new purpose and been expanded considerably and is directly attached to our house with classy new French doors. We moved all of the plant “nursery” operation to the other side of the house. Since we spend so much time outdoors, the palapa will become our living room, dining area and even have a great outdoor kitchen. It also has a rock wall “waterfall!” See the new “digs” here. And, if you're curious, you can see the construction and thatch process in these photos.

Speaking of palapas, we have added several smaller versions in The Maine Stay and Kokomo, and, we’ve added a nice new dock to our marina boardwalk. We finally found a source for the right floats and it turned out to be even better than we anticipated.

We continue to be delighted with the “Travers Zoo” collection. The dogs are wonderful (even Bowdoin, the new puppy!) and the parrots continue to amaze us with their intelligence and companionship.

Our guests in The Maine Stay Cabana Suites continue to delight us and to take some great pictures. Check out these photos by David and Karen Crellen.

I have a couple of treats in store for upcoming posts... stay tuned!

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