Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Belize Puppy...

So Karen is sitting in the palapa and a guy in a truck stops fairly abruptly in front of our gate and gets out and looks around the vehicle and suddenly is depositing a little puppy on our lawn. Well, Miss Karen scoots out the gate and says "is that your dog?" and the guy says "no, he was wandering in the road and I almost hit him." Well, needless to say, he was soon inside with us and after a few days we learned that he belonged to a lady a few hundred yards up the road from us. So Karen brought him back to the owner, and a few hours later she (the rightful owner) was walking by our gate and here's the puppy tagging along with her... well, the puppy spied our place and immediately made a bee-line for the door and found a small opening to come in to the place where there's nice folks and food! The lady said, "he won't stay with me... you can have him." So, now we have a scrawny Belizean puppy to add to the menagerie. After a few days of healthy food, worm medicine, antibiotic for his skin infection and immunizations, he has blended in with the crew very nicely and is named Bowdoin. The name is from Bowdoin College near where we used to live and where our son, Kevin, is the Web Media Manager. Maybe being named after a great college will elevate his status in the world of Belizean mutts! Here's a picture of her (and Taco) more than a year later!

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