Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Little Bit's Dilemma...

While trying to doze off last night, Karen and I began to notice Little Bit (our Belizean Chihuahua mix) acting strangely, and scratching a lot. She was just about getting frantic; couldn't keep still and scratch, scratch, scratch. Finally Karen had a better look and saw a puppy with hives... swollen face and all! Pretty strange (and funny) looking. Don't have a clue what she had an allergic reaction to, but 5 or 6 mg of Benadryl and a little bit of Prednisone (steroid) quieted things down very quickly. About 30 minutes after the Benadryl... you could hear the "contentments" and "thank you Mommies" coming from that little dog! The pics are the "morning after" since I didn't screw my head on to get shots during the acute phase at midnight last night! Notice the "jowls" that are definitely not a normal part of her anatomy!

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