Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hummingbird Hospital...

Yesterday, Karen was in our gigantic (well, it is pretty big) living room palapa, and a hummingbird wandered in under the edge of the roof and became confused and trapped in the peaked roof area. It eventually exhausted itself and plopped on a reclining chair to rest! Problem is... it couldn't find its way out. It just kept wanting to fly higher. It became so pooped, that she decided to feed the poor thing to get energy enough for us to let him/her loose. So, in Karen goes to the Hummingbird Hospital (our kitchen) and proceeeds to hand feed it with an eye-dropper. It was just amazing watching the looong tongue dart out hungrily to get sugar water! So, after one attempt at release and another "refueling" it finally had the energy to soar off in the sky!

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