Sunday, August 1, 2010

Calling All Bird-Huggers & Tree-Lovers...

Well... sorry, I just had to do it. The two books below are quite interesting, at least for two groups. The bird watchers know who they are, and then there are those who visit here and live here who get fascinated with the variety of flora and fauna that abounds. Belize has more than 750 varieties of trees. And more than 600 bird species (and an average of 5 new species discovered annually). Probably not too many folks come to Belize to see the trees, but lots of folks come to see the birds.

The detailed compendium "The Birds of Belize," by H. Lee Jones, is 300 plus fact-filled pages of beautifully illustrated information on these birds, and is available locally in Belize, as well as on Amazon.

"The Trees of Belize," by by Kate Harris, is a delightful look at the 50 of the most common, with beautifully done photographs. She details the tree characteristics, blossoms, fruit and medicinal uses of each... as well as the myths and folklore surrounding them. This one is also available locally, but I don't see it yet on Amazon. 

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