Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Maine Stay Super Collosal Sand Rake... (patent pending)

Depending on the wind, tide and other factors (that escape my understanding), we get a fair amount of trash and debris rolling up on our 400 feet of beach. Most of you are aware that the past couple of days have been especially bad... so our crew has been hard at work getting it cleaned up.

This has been made considerably easier recently with the addition of our nifty, brand spanking new, made in Seine Bight, one-of-a-kind, home brew... Beach-Mobile Sand Rake and Beer Bottle Collector (patent pending). Crafted at the The Maine Stay Welding & Fabrication, Magical Ideas and Willy Wonka Invention Workshop... this beauty was conceived by me, and designed and built by Jose Garcia... with Hector Tut, Alejandro Ack and Wonder Dog "Mina," making major contributions to the team effort.

With one or two passes, all that stuff gets raked in to piles for loading and disposal... which, of course is another whole issue and problem. Another set of tines was made and is used to "groom" the rest of the beach.

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