Friday, February 6, 2009

Living & Finding Things In Belize... Resources

I presume at least a few of the readers of this blog either live here in Belize or visit enough that they know finding "things" and services that are needed for construction, or just household projects can be a struggle. Not long ago, I vowed to try to make a list of the resources I had discovered from exploration, friends and just by accident. That led to the spreadsheet that you see here (just a sample of it) and that is now available for everyone to check out and use here. I hope that folks who have additions (or corrections) to this list will contribute!


Robert said...

Might I ask a question? Is it possible to order items from there and have them delivered? If so what kind of cost?

Please let me know at

Drew Travers said...

Hi Robert... Although I have not actually done it, many of my friends have things shipped from Amazon. Unfortunately, I don't off hand know the international shipping costs. I suspect you can tease that out with a sample (everything but hit the send button!) shipment on Amazon. If regular parcel postage costs are any indication, it will be fairly expensive. There will also be duty to be paid on delivery here in Belize.