Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bloggers Meet Up... Plan World Domination.

A couple of years ago I stumbled on Lisa Paul's wonderful blog Left Coast Cowboys. Lisa and Andy are from the Sonoma Valley in California and, along with their two fox terriers, are courageously making wine from the vineyards on their 40 acre organic farm.

They have been to Belize several times, but this is their first visit to Placencia. This morning we had breakfast at Robert's Grove and then showed them Seine Bight and The Maine Stay and Kokomo.

It was a delightful morning with lots of dog and parrot preening and show off! Then a nice golf cart tour of the mangrove planting in Kokomo and the The Maine Stay cabanas and beach. Andy will be diving tomorrow looking for the elusive whale shark.


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Lisa Paul said...

Thank you so much for your gracious tour and a delicious brunch. When we get bonded, we'll have to talk about stocking the Maine Stay with Two Terrier Vineyard wines!