Monday, October 20, 2008

Traveler Palm

I hadn't really done any research on the so-called Traveler Palm plant. It's actually a member of Bird of Paradise family and the leaves look like a banana plant. We have more than a dozen of these very large growing specimens and have learned to propagate them by carefully digging up the "babies" that sprout at the base of the plant and sticking them right back in the sand with some good soil amendment. More information here.

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sandy A. said...

We just LOVE those palms! When we landscape after our house is built I want at least 2. I always loved the ones outside Maya Breeze. Thanks for the info! Hubby Phil is a real "green thumb" and has managed to grow a Bird or Paradise in the house that is about 12 feet tall (we have 18 foot ceilings where it is)