Monday, March 7, 2011

BELIZE... Amazing Sunrise Photo...

I don't very often get upstaged in the Sunrise photo department... but Kevin Winkelman captured a shot with gorgeous composition and exposure. I have officially been dethroned!  Let's see who gets on that pinnacle next.

      • Have a look at the FaceBook goings on about Sunrise photos...


Drew Travers said...

Barnacle Bill game on!
very nice sunrise photo too.
3 hours ago · Like
Drew Travers This should be exciting... anyone else want in?
3 hours ago · Like
Ben Kim I'm in. Need some time though.
5 minutes ago · Like
Drew Travers This is getting really good... Ron Spillman, where are you?
2 minutes ago · Like
Drew Travers At some point, we'll have to have an arbitrary cut off date. Any thoughts? And how about popular voting on here? Who else wants in?

Nathan Ciurzynski said...

Beautiful! Great use of the palm tree in the composition!