Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Belize - The Maine Stay - Calendar

As we get closer to the "high season" in Belize, the calendar for The Maine Stay is getting more and more tight. We still have lots of time available, but it's probably best to get your time reserved so you won't be disappointed. The weeks that we routinely book several months or more in advance are Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Spring Break and Easter.

Open Days/Weeks - 3 days or more (November through March)

November 14th - November 20th - BOOKED
November 21st - November 27th - BOOKED
November 28th - December 5th - BOOKED
December 7th - December 19th - (one suite open)
December 19th - December 26th - BOOKED
December 26th - January 2nd - BOOKED
January 13th -January 15th (3 nights)
January 17th - January 23rd - BOOKED
January 23rd - January 26th (4 nights)
January 24th - January 30th - BOOKED
January 31st - February 6th - BOOKED
February 7th - February 13th - BOOKED
February 8th - February 10th (3 nights)
February 21st - February 26th - BOOKED
February 27th - March 4th BOOKED
March 1st - March 7th - BOOKED
March 7th - March 14th - BOOKED
March 15th - March 26th - BOOKED
March 27th - April 9th (one suite open)

Still open time in April and May - two of the warmest and sunniest months of the year!