Saturday, May 31, 2008

Italian Gelato in Belize?

Those of us who live on the Placencia Peninsula and those who visit, have the absolutely improbable and delightful opportunity to enjoy what many consider the best ice cream in this part of the world. The Italian Gelato at TuttiFrutti (right next to The Purple Space Monkey) is so good, that it has become a weekly obligatory part of our shopping... one container of chocolate, one of Bailey's or cappucino, and one of mixed berry. Deciding is almost as much fun as the eating.


tacogirl said...

That looks delicious. :) I can see how it could easily become party of weekly routine.

Stan Dobromil said...

That is ALMOST reason enough to visit Drew and Karen. But the hospitality, all the restaurants, the warm ocean, OH yes, ...and the fabulous weather, make it a MUST GO vacation.
Stan & Freddi