Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Heavenly Belize" Video and book...

The "coffee table" book and iPad versions of the "Heavenly Belize" video are spectacular. If you are thinking about coming to Belize, these images will probably convince you.  If you have been to Belize, you will want these scrapbook memories in some format! Below are the liner notes from YouTube. I have seen the large coffee table version for sale several places here in Placencia. 
Most people who come to Belize will agree that it is a country of astounding and diverse beauty. But few visitors - and most Belizeans for that matter - are fortunate enough to view Belize through the eyes of a soaring hawk or frigate...or a brilliantly plumed scarlet macaw.

That's the extraordinary vantage point employed by author/photographer Marius Jovaisa in Heavenly Belize. Using an ultralight aircraft originally designed for National Geographic assignments in Africa, Jovaisa travels the length and breadth of the country, capturing images ranging from towering jungle covered mountains and ancient Mayan cities to the 400 foot deep Blue Hole at Lighthouse Reef.

Whether you are a first time visitor to Belize, or "born and raised" here, these never before published photographs will give you a deep appreciation of this refreshingly unique nation.
A song by Joint Project
Featuring Tanya Carter and Baltas Aras (Skullman)
MUSIC AND LYRICS: Jarreth Gault, Cory McKay, Alexis Milan. SINGERS: Joint Project - Jarreth Gault (Redman), Cory McKay (Mac), Alexis Milan. GUEST SINGER: Tanya Carter. LEAD AND RYTHM GUITAR: Baltas Aras (Skullman). KEYBOARDS, BASS AND DRUMS: Paul Flores. MASTERING: Paul Flores, Ludwig Studios. PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Marisa Alamilla. GROUP MANAGER: Zane Galvez. PRODUCER: Baltas Aras (Skullman). SOUNDTRACK COPYRIGHT A&M Productions
Don't forget to also look at the "BE ONE WITH BELIZE" VIDEO... 

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